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We know just how stressful and upsetting it can be to lose a permanent tooth. While losing teeth as a child was an exciting time, this isn’t something to expect or get excited about as an adult. Unfortunately, tooth loss is more common than you might think among American adults. Millions of Americans are missing at least one tooth, and it can happen at any age. If you are dealing with significant tooth loss, we can easily restore your smile with high-quality, custom-made dentures.

Not Your Grandfather’s Dentures
Dentures have come a long way over the years. When people hear the word “dentures” they often think about those bulky set of false teeth that their grandparents used to easily be able to take out or that clicked when they spoke. The good news is that dentures do not have to be like this. We want to erase those negative thoughts and preconceived notions about modern-day dentures because the false teeth we offer have all the technological advancements and improvements you could imagine.

Here at Fremont Family Dentistry, our goal is to provide you with the tooth replacement option that best fits your needs. We want to give you the restoration that’s going to help you feel most confident in your smile.

Top-Quality Dentures
One of how we ensure that you get the highest-quality dentures is to make sure that these false teeth are made with only the best materials. Today, dentures are typically made with ceramic. Ceramic is not only incredibly durable but also looks like real tooth enamel. This means that we can choose the appropriate shade and translucency of ceramic that will most closely blend with your remaining natural teeth. Since ceramic is tough you also don’t have to worry about what foods your false teeth can easily chew.

Dentures are always custom-fitted to your smile to ensure that you get the best and most comfortable fit possible. We understand that our patients’ main goal, especially after tooth loss, is to have false teeth that resemble real teeth. Attractiveness and esthetics are key, and we pride ourselves on crafting beautiful, lifelike dentures that are comfortable and make it easy to speak, chew, and bite without issue.

If you are looking for a simple way to replace your missing teeth, dentures may be the ideal option for you.
To find out if you’re a candidate for dentures, call Fremont Family Dentistry at (206) 267-7300 to schedule a consultation!
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